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Fast Facts


In approximately 1954 the Erdahl-Cloyd Student Union opened the Crafts Shop where students, faculty, and staff could experience making handicrafts. In 1963 upon Carmichael Gymnasium’s completion, the Crafts Shop moved to the vacant Frank Thompson Building. Renamed the Crafts Center in the 1970s, programming expanded quickly when we opened our doors to the general public. In the mid-1980s, the Crafts Center received recognition for its dynamic programming and leadership in the arts. Physically worn and in need of repair, Frank Thompson Building underwent renovation and re-opened in 2009, and the much more student friendly Thompson Hall now houses seven dedicated studios fully equipped with cutting edge technology.


  • Five professional and support staff
  • 15 student staff, and additional specialized instructors


  • Classes and Workshops – Our diverse campus arts program offers instruction in pottery, raku, stained glass, bead making, glass fusing & slumping, metalsmithing, enameling, jewelry design, woodworking, lapidary arts, fiber arts, basketry, photography, watercolor, sketching, and bookmaking and more. Emphasis is placed on classes designed especially for NC State students.
  • Studios – Dedicated studio spaces complete with state-of-the-art technology offer the perfect work environment suited for the personal exploration of creative style.
  • Student Outreach and Academic Support – Student organization leaders and residence hall advisors offer low cost craft activities for students. Activities, technical assistance and workspace availability support a wide range of academic requirements.
  • Exhibitions and Special Events – The R.A. Bryan Foundation, Inc. Gallery and Street Window Gallery host one or more exhibitions every semester. Each fall, the Annual Crafts Sale and Fair provides an exceptional buying opportunity for nearly 1,000 students and visitors.
  • Affiliated Guilds – Several regional arts guilds routinely meet at The Crafts Center. Guild programming and support encourage student involvement in craft beyond the scope of our program’s offerings