Crafts Center instructors are accomplished artists who provide unique learning experiences for students.



  • Colleen Adair: pottery
  • Gaines Bailey: pottery
  • Edge Barnes: pottery
  • Marina Bosetti: pottery
  • Jake Goodnight: pottery
  • Bill Gregory: pottery
  • Laura Korch: pottery
  • Rosalie Midyette: ceramics
  • Sherry Nicholson: pottery
  • Charlene Poisel: pottery
  • Gretchen Quinn: pottery
  • Sylvia Richardson: pottery
  • Heather Rhymes: pottery
  • Joseph Sand: woodfiring
  • Jennifer Siegel: ceramics
  • Jo Ellen Westmoreland: pottery


  • Claudia “Claude” Bolger: knitting
  • Jane Bynum: spinning wheel
  • Wanda Borrelli: hand-dyed silk scarves
  • Gina Fry: sewing
  • Maggy Inman: weaving
  • Bailey Knight: sewing, indigo dyeing
  • Roberta Morgan: felting, wool quilling
  • River Takada-Capel: sewing
  • Anne Willson: basket weaving


  • Jean Cheely: fused and slumped glass
  • Jonathan Davis: off-mandrell borosilicate flameworking
  • Kathy Driggers: lampwork beads
  • Danene Groenke: fused glass
  • Deborah Rodgers: stained glass
  • Matthew Sturgess: borosilicate glass flameworking
  • Jo Ellen Westmoreland: fused and slumped glass

Jewelry & Metals


  • Neil Chernoff: cabochons
  • Linda Searcy: cabochons, faceting

Mixed Media

  • Laura Azzi: watercolor painting
  • Jonah Bresley: acrylic painting, drawing
  • Cathy D. Boytos: zentangle
  • Brenon Day: drawing
  • Maria Frati: relief carving and painting techniques on wood
  • Zeynep Guvenc and Ilknur Celik: Ebru – water marbling
  • Ellen Hathaway: painting
  • Gengyi Li: Chinese brush painting
  • Anne McLean: bookbinding
  • Carol Fountain Nix: calligraphy
  • Jillian Ohl: drawing, painting, fashion illustration
  • Kerr Pelto: calligraphy
  • Dominick Rapone: screen printing
  • Maureen Seltzer: hand printed paper collage art
  • Marcia Streithorst: encaustic painting
  • Virginia Tyler: papermaking
  • Jessica Yee: calligraphy


  • Gary Knight: B&W photography/darkroom, digital photography, green screen photography, studio photography
  • Jeannene Matthews: digital photography, studio photography
  • Katy Walls: B&W photography/darkroom, pinhole camera photography
  • Thomas Way: B&W photography/darkroom


Specialty Classes and Workshops

  • Angel Cruz: handmade soaps & lotions
  • Gina Fry: leather work
  • Kathy Driggers: concrete art