Crafts Center instructors are accomplished artists who provide unique learning experiences for students.



  • Colleen Adair: pottery
  • Fahad AlSuwaidi: pottery
  • Gaines Bailey: pottery
  • Edge Barnes: pottery
  • Marina Bosetti: pottery
  • Jake Goodnight: pottery
  • Barbara McKenzie: pottery
  • Rosalie Midyette: ceramics
  • Sherry Nicholson: pottery
  • Charlene Poisel: pottery
  • Gretchen Quinn: pottery
  • Heather Rhymes: pottery
  • Joseph Sand: woodfiring
  • Jennifer Siegel: ceramics
  • Jo Ellen Westmoreland: pottery


  • Grace Bilbao: crochet
  • Claudia “Claude” Bolger: knitting
  • Jane Bynum: spinning wheel
  • Wanda Borrelli: hand-dyed silk scarves
  • Peggy Forster: art quilting
  • Gina Fry: sewing
  • Maggy Inman: weaving
  • Natalie Kaelin: tapestry weaving
  • Bailey Knight: sewing, indigo dyeing
  • Barbara McGeachy: basket weaving
  • Roberta Morgan: felting, wool quilling
  • Hayley Nordstrom: crochet
  • Jo Ellen Westmoreland: silk transfer dyeing
  • Anne Willson: basket weaving


  • Jean Cheely: fused and slumped glass
  • Jonathan Davis: off-mandrell borosilicate flameworking
  • Kathy Driggers: lampwork beads
  • Danene Groenke: fused glass
  • Kaleigh Hessel: lampworking
  • Deborah Rodgers: stained glass

Jewelry & Metals

  • John Fetvedt: chain maille & fold forming metals
  • Barabara Gautreaux:  leather jewelry
  • Leigh Griffin: metal jewelry
  • Kaleigh Hessel: PMC3 jewelry
  • Victoria Hevener: beaded jewelry
  • Lillian Jones: metal jewelry & enameling [cloisonne]
  • Ndidi Kowalczyk: enameling
  • Gary McCutchen: silversmithing
  • Robert Morgan: jewelry from recycled materials
  • Alicia Moya-Mendez: wire wrap jewelry
  • Naomi Profesorsky: beaded jewelry
  • Linda Searcy: metal jewelry
  • Sarah Tector: metal jewelry, casting
  • Amy Veatch: metal jewelry
  • Emilie Wood: metal jewelry
  • Jo Ellen Westmoreland: beaded jewelry, chain maille jewelry


  • Bob Bendelow: faceting
  • Neil Chernoff: cabochons
  • Linda Searcy: cabochons

Mixed Media


  • Fahad AlSuwaidi: pinhole photography
  • Gary Knight: B&W photography/darkroom, digital photography, green screen photography, studio photography
  • Katy Walls: B&W photography/darkroom, pinhole camera photography


  • Tim Bevacqua: woodworking
  • Tal Bevacqua: woodworking
  • Norm Cloutier: woodturning
  • Zach Gregory: woodworking, woodturning
  • Leon Harkins: wood carving
  • Maria Lai: scroll saw
  • Alan Leland: woodturning
  • Stephen Reeves: Shopbot CNC Router
  • Bob Reuss: woodturning
  • Hilary Smith: longboard skateboards
  • George Thomas: woodworking, carving, wood turning
  • David Trueblood: woodworking
  • Bill Wallace: woodturning
  • Jim Wallace: woodturning
  • Beth Woody: marquetry

Specialty Classes and Workshops

  • Angel Cruz: handmade soaps & lotions
  • Gina Fry: leather work
  • Sam Mayes [NC State student]: electric cigar box guitars
  • Alexis Mitchell: bike repair & maintenance