Marcia Streithorst

Encaustic Paintings

Artist Statement:

I am a painter, and my preferred medium is encaustic. I love everything about encaustic painting; the luminescent quality it has, how versatile the medium is, but most of all the freedom in expression through layers of encaustic wax, and other mixed media. As a versatile artist I don’t just love one medium of art and with encaustic painting I have freedom to explore what inspires me in the moment. When starting a encaustic painting I approach the canvas as an open road; and I let my creativity take me on a journey to capture the emotion or atmosphere I want to express. Encaustic painting lets me capture all the colors, fibers, textures, and music of life into a beautiful surreal painting.

To do this, I start with a few layers of clear encaustic. I use layers of colored wax, photographs, oil sticks, and India inks, book pages, and other inspiration to create the background of my vision. Painting this way lets me capture the movement and feel of the wind, the rush of water, and the stillness of a twilight forest hike. I create surreal landscapes and these shifting moments in time so I can escape into my paintings, to get lost in the layers of light, color, and texture.

Where to Shop: Cary Gallery of Artists  and Marcia’s website.