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For Faculty

The Crafts Center at NC State —  one of the finest crafts programs at any university — provides a dynamic learning environment for NC State students and community craftspeople of all levels. We’re available to support academic classes, projects and independent studies.

Get academic support

We’ve provided fabrication workspaces and tools for E-101 group projects, machining support for both freshman and senior engineering design project work and kiln space for physics research as well as design projects. We have collaborated with faculty in various departments to utilize our studios for classes and labs, such as:

  • ARS414 – Interdisciplinary Arts Seminar
  • ANT395 – Pots and People anthropology class
  • TDE351 – ceramics class
  • ADN212 and ADN480 – photography classes
  • ADN386 – sculpture classes

We’ve also provided some English Dept. ENG-101 classes with crafts experiences, where they can explore the creative process in craft and incorporate it their creative writing.

Additionally, The Crafts Center houses an informal gallery space available for critiques and exhibitions of student projects.

To learn more about academic opportunities with us, view or download the Arts NC State Curricular Connections Guide» (PDF)

If you’d like to partner with The Crafts Center, please contact Crafts Center Director Carol Fountain Nix.

View upcoming events

From our annual Pinhole Camera Challenge to a presentation on forensic photography, classes can participate in various hands-on and informative learning experiences. See upcoming events and exhibitions »

Use our facility for an event

The Crafts Center often hosts events for campus groups. If you’re interested in using our facility for an upcoming event, please contact Crafts Center Director Carol Fountain Nix.

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