Membership FAQ


What is the difference between a PunchCard and a ClassPass?


  • We now offer a PunchCard, which enables students [in designated classes only] to get access to the studio for THREE ADDITIONAL VISITS after the class ends so they can finish up class projects. The PunchCard is distributed to students on the last day of class.
  • The ClassPass enables students [in designated classes only – usually 5 weeks or more] to purchase a ClassPass either upon registration for a beginning or continuing class or at the completion of the class to give them full semester access to the studio. These are offered at a much-discounted rate since students will have already registered and paid for the class.

ClassPass prices are:

 Level I:  $29

 Level II:  $46

 Level III:  $57


What is the difference between a ClassPass and a Membership?

  • The ClassPass is distinctly only for students who are registered for a beginning or continuing class. A membership entitles students to full semester access to a specific studio [based on orientation and/or prerequisites]. Memberships can be purchases on a per-semester basis or annually.