Studio Memberships

Studio memberships are available for purchase by those not taking a class, provided they have sufficient experience and knowledge to work independently in the studio. First-time users must complete an orientation before purchasing a membership. Membership to the Crafts Center entitles members full access to special events and their studio of choice during open hours and when a class is not in session [the Center’s schedule runs on the official NC State University schedule.]  Please note that memberships are not available for Mixed Media as it is a multi-purpose studio used for multiple classes. To schedule a studio orientation, contact the Crafts Center by phone 919.515.2457 or by e-mail to

Membership Fees

*Annual Membership

We are now offering an annual membership! Annual memberships are 10% off the total cost of semester-based (individual) memberships, therefore they offer overall savings, especially to members who use the Center year-round. [Non-refundable, one-time annual payment]

Annual Membership Inclusions and Benefits

  • 10% savings over purchasing per-semester memberships individually
  • Full access to the studio in which you are registered
  • Open invitation to attend Members Only special events
  • Qualification for entering the Crafts Fair Lottery
  • Free admission to our Crafts Fair

Membership Fees (per studio): Individually per Semester and Annually

                      Fall           Summer       Spring     All three purchased individually  *Annual Special
Level I  $58   $48  $58   $164   $148
Level II  $92   $82  $92   $266   $239
Level III     $114   $104  $114   $332   $299

*Summer sessions are discounted due to the shorter summer  schedule.

Membership Fees: Fibers Studio Only   

    Fall          Summer      Spring    All three purchased individually *Annual Special
Level I   $25  $22  $25  $72 $65
Level II  $45  $40  $45  $130 $117
Level III     $50  $45  $50  $145 $130

NOTE: Memberships are not available for Mixed Media as it is a multi-purpose studio used for multiple classes.

A limited number of Fiber Studio memberships are available each semester depending on class demand for looms and spinning wheels.  Please contact the Crafts Center or place your name on the Fiber Studio Membership waitlist by emailing your request to

Purchase Memberships»

During the transition to our new online registration system, memberships for the 2018 summer semester must be purchased at the Crafts Center and may be paid for via cash, check, or credit card. We expect to return to online purchase of memberships for the 2018 fall semester.


In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, NC State will honor requests for reasonable accommodations made by individuals with disabilities. Requests can be served more effectively if notice is provided at least 10 days before the event. Direct accommodation requests to Crafts Center Director Carol Fountain Nix.