The Crafts Center’s mission is to provide hands-on, immersive, life-long learning skills to NC State students, faculty and staff, affiliates, alumni and the general public to support research, enhance critical thinking through creativity, and strengthen personal and professional development.

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Fall 2018 Catalog

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Aug 20
Aug 21
  • Aug 21
    (Com) PostSecretU Exhibition: "Pack Secrets"

    Location: The Crafts Center at NC State University, 210 Jensen Dr, Raleigh, NC 27606, USA


    In an effort to…

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  • Aug 21
    Crafts Center opens for Fall Semester

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  • Aug 21
    Crafts Center Open House & Pottery Sale

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Aug 25
Sep 5

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Ray Kass Residency @ NC State

August 9, 2018

Talk to anyone at the Crafts Center and they will tell you there is a underlying sense of serendipity to its space. Perhaps it’s the communal aspects of the work spaces themselves. Perhaps it’s the

Frank Warren’s PostSecret Live!

August 9, 2018

Presented in partnership with NC State LIVE Frank Warren is the most trusted stranger in America. He is the creator of The PostSecret Project – a collection of 1,000,000+ artful secrets that have been mailed

PackSecrets at NC State

August 9, 2018

Everyone has secrets. It’s just human nature. In 2004, a man named Frank Warren set up a project to explore a way for folks to “release” their deepest secrets – anonymously. He bought 3,000 blank