Crafts Center exhibitions include creative works from students, local artists and crafts guild members.

Exhibitions are on display throughout the year at the Crafts Center’s R. A. Bryan Foundation, Inc. Gallery and in the Street Gallery Windows. The windows usually display instructor examples for upcoming classes, craft guild exhibitions and works by Crafts Center artists and craftspeople.

Gallery exhibitions are supported by NCSU Foundation.

Exhibitions are open for viewing during normal Crafts Center hours as listed on our Calendar page.

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Spring 2019

In the R. A. Bryan , Inc. Gallery:

Gallery exhibitions are supported by NCSU Foundation.

Ray Kass Exhibition

Ray Kass: “Revisiting Mountain Lake” Exhibition

Exhibition: January 14 – April 28

Opening Reception:
Monday, January 14, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

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Random Weave Installation

Nesting Instincts

A site-specific wall installation created within the Craft Center by artist Anne Willson and participants of the center’s Spring 2018 Random Weave workshop. Seemingly chaotic, the random weave process actually incorporates several fundamental construction techniques to meld line, textural surface and volume. Using this process and natural materials, the group constructed this unique sculptural piece that greets you as you enter the Crafts Center.