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Latest Past Events

Advanced Woodworking

The Crafts Center 210 Jensen Drive, Raleigh

This six-week class will advance your knowledge and capability in woodworking. With instructor guidance, you will design and execute a project of your own creation. You will learn how to choose your materials based on the needs and desires of your individual project and be required to purchase the requisite materials.

Handbuilding 101 – Section C

The Crafts Center 210 Jensen Drive, Raleigh

An introductory level class – no experience necessary. Pinching, coiling, soft and hard slab construction and extruding are the main methods of hand-building that this beginner level class introduces. You will create functional as well as sculptural forms, such as cups, mugs, bowls and lidded boxes. Surface decoration through slips, stains, and wax, as well…

Continuing Wheel – Section B

The Crafts Center 210 Jensen Drive, Raleigh

So, you’ve conquered the basics and you’re ready for more? Continuing Wheel is the next level of pottery wheel instruction or can serve as a refresher course of basic pottery skills. Projects include refining skills used for pulling handles, turning matching and consistent forms, small plates. A wonderful class for novice potters as well as…