Clay Studio

The Clay Studio provides a space for students to work on pottery, sculpture and related projects.


  • Handbuilding area – Room 101HB
  • Wheel classroom area – Room 101W
  • Glazing area – Room 101G


  • Pottery wheels
  • Handbuilding tables and canvases
  • A slab roller
  • Rolling pins
  • Textures
  • Miscellaneous molds
  • Buckets
  • Bats
  • Two clay extruders
  • More than 25 glazes
  • Sculpture stands
  • A gas kiln for glaze firing (we fire at cone 10 reduction)
  • Electric kilns for bisque firing
  • Lockers to store clay and supplies are available for a rental fee.


The Clay Studio is open during Crafts Center hours, but it’s available for use by studio members only when a class is not in session (exception: a courtesy wheel area is available for use when a class is in 101W). View schedule »

Studio Membership

Studio memberships are available for purchase by those not taking a class, provided they have sufficient experience and knowledge to work independently in the studio. First–time users must complete an orientation before purchasing a membership. Membership to the Crafts Center entitles members full access to special events and their studio of choice during open hours and when a class is not in session. [The Center’s schedule runs on the official NC State University schedule.]

Learn more about membership»

Studio Notes

  • You must be 18 or older, or a currently enrolled NC State student, and have health insurance to use          the studio.
  • Any clay used in the studio must be purchased at the Crafts Center.
  • Basic pottery tools such as ribs, needle tools, settle knives and bat pins are available for purchase.
  • Supplies may be purchased by studio members and clay students only.