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Clay Studio


  1. Clay and tools are available for purchase by clay studio members/students only. We only fire clay and glazes purchased from the Crafts Center. The cost of each bag includes additional fees for glazing and firing.
  2.  Members and class participants can purchase up to 2 bags of clay per month. This does not include clay purchased as part of a supply fee for a class.
  3. The clay studio does not accept work for firing that is created/produced outside of the Crafts Center. This is in keeping with our Crafts Center motto – MAKE IT HERE – and to further our mission to educate, learn, share, and grow as a community of makers as part of the NC State University campus.

The Clay Studio provides a space for students to work on pottery, sculpture and related projects.


  • Handbuilding area – Room 101HB
  • Wheel classroom area – Room 101W
  • Glazing area – Room 101G


  • Pottery wheels
  • Handbuilding tables and canvases
  • A slab roller
  • Rolling pins
  • Textures
  • Miscellaneous molds
  • Buckets
  • Bats
  • Two clay extruders
  • More than 25 glazes
  • Sculpture stands
  • A gas kiln for glaze firing (we fire at cone 10 reduction)
  • Electric kilns for bisque firing
  • Lockers to store clay and supplies are available for a rental fee.


The Clay Studio is open during Crafts Center hours, but it’s available for use by studio members only when a class is not in session. View schedule »

Studio Membership

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Studio Notes

  • You must be 18 or older, or a currently enrolled NC State student, and have health insurance to use the studio.
  • Any clay used in the studio must be purchased at the Crafts Center.
  • Basic pottery tools such as ribs, needle tools, settle knives and bat pins are available for purchase.
  • Supplies may be purchased by studio members and clay students only.