Crafts Center events bring together the NC State community and public for fun, socializing and artistic enrichment. All events and exhibitions take place at the Crafts Center unless otherwise noted.

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Spring 2020





Scherr Passion – Passing the Torch

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“How I Made This” – Special Artist’ Presentations


Keep ‘Em Separated: How We Use Ceramic Materials in Chemical Reactors

Presented by NC State student Ryan Dudek

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Free and open to the public

“Ceramics such as aluminum oxide play a critical role in chemical reactors as membranes — thin material layers that can separate mixtures of gases based on the size of the gas molecules. In this talk, we describe how our research team in the Department of Chemical Engineering collaborated with a local small business and The Crafts Center to significantly improve an important chemical reaction by designing a better ceramic membrane.”

“In the Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, the research group led by Prof. Fanxing Li works on the design and construction of chemical reactors for converting natural gas into valuable liquid products. One type of reactor is a membrane reactor, which allows for the separation of gases by forcing a gaseous mixture to pass through a porous ceramic material at different rates. For one such reactor, two graduate students from the Li Group needed a ceramic membrane tube — made of aluminum oxide — which could have porous properties in the center of the reactor and solid, non-permeable tube walls for the rest of the length. With the help of Jennifer Siegel at the Crafts Center, the students applied gloss glaze across the end sections of the membrane to seal the pores, and fired the ceramic tube in a large kiln to finish the coating. The glazed membrane tube prepared with the help of the Crafts Center performed better than any of the other prototype membranes, showing highly selective gas permeation. The tube is still being used in reactor experiments by the Li Group, and the Crafts Center played a pivotal role in the success of the project.”


Suijin Li: The Serendipity of Metals

“How all the dots connected me to Mary Ann Scherr and how her passion for metals and teaching made me a metalsmith.”

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Free and open to the public

A native of Caracas, Venezuela, Suijin earned her degree in Industrial Design from the
Caracas Institute of Design in 1991. The following year she traveled to the United States, and
completed three-year apprenticeship with internationally-renowned designer Mary Ann Scherr, who is
a pioneer in the use of exotic metals in jewelry.

Having sparked a love for using metal in her designs, Suijin continued to work in Mary Ann’s
studio, honing her craft and mastering special techniques. During this time, she also studied at
North Carolina State University and the Penland School of Crafts under the supervision of talented artists such as Heikki Seppä, Marcia Lewis and Tim McCreight. In this talk, Suijin will discuss her growth as a designer and artist under Mary Anne’s mentorship.



Rosalie Midyette: Clay – Developing Abstract Sculpture from Personal Narrative

Rosalie presents her fondness for clay as a sculptural material and the benefits to shedding traditional ceramic objectives, such as vessel and glaze. She will explain her building techniques for large and thin sculpture, as well as her thematic connections to experience, nature and aesthetics.

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Free and open to the public