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Leeman Smith


Hello! I’m Leeman Smith, a dedicated textile artist and illustrator based in Raleigh. While my journey began with personal artistic expression, I’m excited to share my passion for textile arts through teaching the craft of hand-woven tapestries on wooden frame looms.

Inspired by the beauty and rhythms of life, my illustrations reflect the vibrant colors and organic forms found in nature. Warm hues and fluid shapes are the focus in my art, echoing the emotions and moments that shape our lives.

In my class, I guide students through the intricate art of weaving, harnessing the tactile connection between hand and fiber. Using traditional wooden frame looms, we explore the interaction of colors and textures, creating tapestries that tell stories and evoke emotions.

Through this ancient craft, I aim to teach not only technical skills but also a deeper
appreciation for the natural world and the creative process. Each thread woven becomes a testament to the beauty that surrounds us and the limitless potential of
artistic expression.